WHY Entrench ?
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With all the news stories about hackers, botnets, and breaches involving personal information, it’s easy for the security message to sound over-used and tired. It’s easy for people to say, “It won’t happen here.” Yet, studies and surveys repeatedly show that: the human factor (what employees do or don’t do) is the biggest threat to information systems and assets.
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Entrench is a security awareness management system software that educates users on information security, keeps track of their development, helps administrator to have complete visibility to all employees’ behavior and progress within the institution.


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Change security culture for all organization employees.
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Enforce your security policy and best practices.
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Provide evidence and measures for changes in staff attitudes and culture.
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Reduce the cost of accidents and security risks.
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Raise human value by educating employees about information security, convince employees of important information security.
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Integrate the software with other security software to achieve compliance or support any regulations and laws.