Entrench contains a list of standard security lessons than can almost fit any organization. From social engineering to mail security and secure credentials, Entrench addresses all the standard topics that covers the security arena that include
Email Security
WiFi Security
Data Leakage
Safe Internet Browsing
Social Engineering
Anti-money Laundry
And more...


Entrench Not only a security awareness management solution, it offers more features that meet your organization requirements and business needs
Interactive user interface
Multilingual user interface and content
Integrates with active directory and other platforms
Users assessment exams & Quizzes
Automated mails to users and admins
Users feedback on sessions


Administrators have complete visibility of all users’ progress
Ability to generate reports of users’ progress. Graphical statistics of (session number of views, number of participants, and success rates of the employees)
Security awareness sessions are no longer boring or dull
Security sessions are either high quality animated videos or filmed videos with actors who portray real-world senarios that mainly depends on ( simplicity, Humor, ease of use & story-telling).
Integration with other software
Entrench can easily integrate with other software at the customer's environment, which helps make Entrench an integral part of the infrastructure of the customer rather than a stand-alone solution.
Entrench flexibility of customized security lessons
That's why Entrench security consultants will study the customer's environment and provide consultation to which specific security topics to be customized and provided to the customer.
Chatting with admins
Within Entrench itself users can chat with the admins at any time.
Launching simulated Phishing attacks
Software provides the ability to launch targeted campaigns to specific users or departments
Interface Customizations and beyond
Entrench main point of strength is that it can be modified according to the customer specific requirements.
Entrench is available on premise / on Cloud
Entrench is also available on the cloud which gives the customer more flexibility, reduce overhead and enables. users to connect from anywhere at any time.